Saturday, January 29, 2011

What’s Going On??

Orange Sherbet_pieces

I’m not sure what’s going on, but see that pile of knitting? That’s the Orange Sherbet Cardi. All five pieces. You know what that means? It means that I’ve finished the knitting. Thirteen days! That’s how long it took.

So, what’s so special about that, you ask? Well, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the quickest I’ve ever knit a garment for myself. Heck, the Ropes & Picots cardigan took a year!

It’s not sewn together yet; I’ll be doing that tomorrow because today is Sit & Stitch and I don’t think that’s the place to be seaming a sweater. For some reason, I’ve really been into knitting one project at a time right now, unusual for me. With the first Drops cardi, I was motivated to finish it before H, I’ll admit it (she’s finished the knitting on hers now); with this one as well, once I started it, I so enjoyed the process that it went far more quickly than I’d ever thought it would. And I must admit, it feels good!

I’ll be taking the Western Seas sweater along to Sit & Stitch today, after I pick up the stitches for the collar. That’s the next project to finish. All that needs to be done on it are the collar and the sleeves, which are picked up at the armholes and worked down on double-pointed needles.

WesternSeas2By the time this little sweater is done (it’s size 4-5 years), the yarn for the little girls’ sweaters should be here. I did get an email this week informing me that my KnitPicks order is now in the Canadian postal system, so it should be arriving some time this week.

As much as I enjoy the instant gratification of small projects, I have to say that finishing full size garments, no matter the size, is even more gratifying. And yes, I’ll post pictures of the Orange Sherbet cardi on me once it’s all put together.

I’m happy!

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  1. You should be happy, and proud of yourself too. Knitting an entire sweater that quickly must be a record. LOL Looking forward to seeing it finished. I know I will not be disappointed.

    Take care, :)