Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Ain't Pretty.... Yet!

We had planned on going to the new place today to do some painting and cleaning (teal blue walls in the living room do NOT go with our furniture!), but we're both tired and more than a little lazy. Besides, the Preakness is on this afternoon and John wants to watch it.

I'm okay with that. It gives me some knitting time. The Lilac Shawl (from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia) is really coming along. I know the pattern now and don't need the chart to work this center section.

The pattern calls for 14 repeats of the leaf section, but I think I'll do a few extra. I'm using smaller needles than the pattern calls for, making the entire shawl/scarf a little smaller. Right now, I'm up to 9 repeats completed.

I must say that this project is living up to it's purpose. It's meant to keep me from going crazy with the whole moving thing. It really is helping to keep my stress levels manageable. Now, though, it's Preakness time... back to knitting.

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