Saturday, September 19, 2009


It started out as a gray and rainy day today (it has since cleared up), the perfect day for knitting. Of course, I've been taking advantage of that! This week, I've been working on three projects, off and on. The Miralda Shawl, from Nancy Bush's "Knitting of Estonia" is progressing nicely. The diamond section, where I am right now, is taking a little longer than anticipated because of all the nupps, but it is definitely coming along. The nice thing about this shawl is that the rows get progressively shorter, rather than longer, so each row takes slightly less time.

The picture isn't the greatest, but it's not easy to pin out the shawl when it's dry. I think you can get a pretty good idea of how it's coming along, though. Once I get around to blocking it, I think I'll be able to block this one quite severely, opening up the stitches to their full advantage.

I've been working on my second Vanalinn glove, too, but there really isn't much to take a picture of. Once they're completely finished, I'll take pictures to show you. Right now, I'm ready to start the shaping for the thumb, having finished the cuff this week.

The little Setesdal sweater (a Lanett pattern) is coming along, too. It's been my tv knitting this week. I think I have about 2 cm (about 1") to go before I get to the point where the steek will be placed. Once there, I'll have to read the pattern over very carefully so that I understand what's going on.

Right now, that prospect is somewhat daunting, not because I'm nervous about the steeking, but because I've come down with a terrific head cold. Ugh! Reading of any kind intimidates me at the moment. Heck, even thinking intimidates me right now.

We're supposed to have our Sit & Stitch today, but I think I'll opt for a nap instead. Now, off to do a few more rows on Miralda while my brain is still functional. ;)


  1. I'm very sorry you are ill and feeling so poorly. I do wish you a speedy recovery. It's miserable being ill.

    Your new shawl is gorgeous, but what else is new? haha I love the pattern so far, very very pretty indeed. :)

  2. Hope ou fell better soon!
    Your new shawl looks really great, even in this stage!
    I've never steeked and would be so scared to cut my knitting. I think I would always fear it would rip itself some day (not being very confident of my sewing skills, you know). Good luck!!!

  3. Sorry the first line in my comment above should of course reed:
    Hope You feEl better soon. I just happen to have a headache and should get away from this machine...

  4. Both are quite lovely.