Sunday, August 23, 2009

There Has Been Progress!

I realized yesterday that the little boy's sweater that I intend to submit to the Armstrong Fair has to be finished by Friday. Entries are to be submitted on Sept. 2, a Tuesday (oops... Wednesday... thank you anonymous commenter). One of the women I work with will be bringing my entries there, since she'll be accompanying her parents, with their submissions. Monday is Labour Day, a holiday (wrong...Labour Day is the 7th). That means I'll have to have everything to Hazel by Friday (or Monday). That gave me a little twinge of panic.

Not that I need to panic. As of a few minutes ago, the sleeves are finished. Now, all I need to do is pick up umpteen number of stitches and work the button band and collar.... on 2.0 mm needles. At least ribbing is fairly mindless.

Once this little sweater is off the needles, I can work on anything I want, with no guilt involved!

Edited to correct my calender errors. I actually have (but won't need) more time than I realized. Bonus! 


  1. Actually, Sept 2nd is a Wednesday. Labour Day is Monday Sept 7th - the latest it ever can be I believe.

  2. You are correct, Anonymous commenter. Thank you for the correction! That means I have an extra couple of days; not needed, but still good to know. :)

  3. Congratulations. It is looking great! Definitely a winning entry. :)