Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still Here

It feels like forever since I've posted. I have, of course, been away; last weekend was spent with my daughter, granddaughter and grandson. I got back home on Monday afternoon (the bus ride was uneventful and even pleasant... both ways) and have been busy with work since. Today, though, I have time to sit down and post.

First off, I have knitting to share with you. I confess I've been charmed into starting another project. Every now and then, a pattern comes along that you just HAVE GOT TO start, and it usually gets finished quickly. This project is like that. I want desperately to see what the next section will look like, so I'm working exclusively on it. So, what is it??

Well, the spring Knitty is up (you know the address... and there's a beautiful shawl by Elizabeth Freeman, Aeolian. It really is gorgeous and I couldn't resist casting on.

The yarn I'm using is, once again, the Jarbo Garn Gastrike 1 ply in the natural colour. I'll be using the copper coloured glass beads you see in the plastic bag. The pattern actually calls for beads throughout, but I think it would be too heavy, and I'm not sure there are enough beads for that. I'll just be placing the beads in the lower half of the shawl, where they'll give drape and elegance. 

I'm a little farther along now than I was when I took the picture; I have six repeats completed and need 12 for this first section. As I said, I'm really eager to see how the next section comes out.

So, I went to visit my daughter (thanks again for the ticket, Kristen!) and had a wonderfully busy weekend. I got to see all the kids and grandkids and we also visited my mother on Sunday. Here are a few of the pictures I took; I didn't take all that many pictures, by the way, only 40 or so.

My mother, with Ethan, six weeks old...

A very loving and precious big sister, Trinity with her baby brother, who just happens to be wearing a sweater his grandmother made for him. As an aside, when she got up on Saturday morning, the first words out of her mouth were, "Grandma Evelyn, could you teach me to knit?". Does this kid know her way into a grandmother's heart, or what? So, I did. I had a ball of Malabrigo and some 4.5 mm needles with me for just that purpose. She got the principal of it very quickly. If we lived closer by, I'd have her knitting in no time!

Finally, my favourite picture... mother and son. And yes, he IS that cute!


  1. Your new shawl is looking lovely, as usual. But those family photos are really wonderful. Thank you for sharing with us all.