Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aeolian Update

This shawl is addictive! It's really difficult to tear myself away from it. As of this morning, I've completed the Agave charts and have started on the edging. According to the designer, the edge of the larger size (which I'm making) takes 45% of the total amount of yarn. That means, I'll have to wind up another skein.

Each row now takes about 1/2 hour to complete (over 500 stitches). I can't wait to see it off the needles and blocked!

And the nupps? No problem! As long as they're done loose enough, they're really not a big deal at all. Only one thing is worrying me. I'm not sure I'll have enough beads to finish the shawl. I bought the beads in Abbotsford, while visiting my daughter, so it's not like I can go back to Woolaroo for more. I'm hoping Michael's will carry something close enough that no one will notice any difference... IF I don't have enough, that is. (keeping my fingers crossed) And if Michael's doesn't carry anything acceptable, I may have to get Kristen to make a trip to Woolaroo on my behalf, and then mail the beads to me. That, however, would mean putting the shawl on hold until the beads arrive. Ack, I can't bear to think of it!  ;-)

On another note, yesterday I washed and re-blocked my Flower Basket shawl. I made that one a couple of years ago now and after my trip to the coast, I decided it needed a wash. I was really surprised at how much colour bled out into the water, even though it's been washed and blocked before. The water was a really pretty shade of green. It did worry me a little, though. Is it going to bleed each time it's washed? If so, what will that do to the original colour, which is sooooo pretty?
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I must stop worrying!

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  1. Hey Auntie Evelyn, your shawl is turning out to be gorgeous!