Saturday, February 28, 2009


I don't really have much to blog about today, but I feel like I should. Know what I mean? It's just one of those weird days; I'm just a little 'off'.

One thing I would like to share with you... Over at Clicks 'n Things, there's a photo series happening. My sister (she of Capricious Cogitation*) challenged me to join her in her Lent project. Last year, she posted a picture every day except Sunday. I've decided to take her up on her challenge. Feel free to check out both blogs.

My photos are pictures that I've taken in the past (with a REAL.... film.... camera), and scanned into my computer. This week, I went through almost 10 years of photos, threw out a lot, and intend to scan a bunch of the remaining. 

Knitting has been pushed to the backburner much of this week because of the photo project; as well, I just haven't felt like picking up the needles, even though I want the mittens, among other things, done. Like I said, I'm feeling a little 'off', for some reason.

Oh well, today John and I have every intention of just getting out for a while. Maybe that will help.


  1. Going through old photos can be a lot of fun and bring back so many memories. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

    I think we all have an "off" day now and then. Sometimes I have a few of them in a row. ACK!! But actually, in the long run, it's probably good for you. Give you a time to rest your overworked little fingers and make them stronger so they work better and faster for the next project. LOL

    Hope you and John enjoyed a pleasant day out and about. :)

  2. I love going through old photos!