Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mittens Revisited

I've found my mittens! That is, I found a mitten pattern that I really like and that is going to fit me nicely. Thank goodness for Ravelry!

I was going through some old posts in a group I recently joined ("I Make Mittens") when I came across a post offering a free pattern. As soon as I saw the picture, I was smitten. I printed up the pattern and headed straight to my stash. My first choice of contrast colour was a bust.. there just wasn't enough contrast. Then, I remembered that I still had more than enough of the Fleece Artist sock yarn that I'd used for my Swallowtail shawl. I found it, tried it and was thrilled with the results.

I love this contrast. I think I'm going to love these mittens.

The pattern is by Heather Desserud and is called "Ruba'iyat Mittens". As specified in the pattern, I'm using a 2.5 mm circular needle and working the Magic Loop method. The yarn I'm using is Louet Gems fingering weight in brown and Fleece Artist Merino sock in shades of turquoise/green/purple. I'm following the pattern as written except for one small modification. Heather starts her mittens with 4 rounds of ribbing; I chose to start with a picot edging, giving the mitten a double-thick cuff. I think it will compliment the mittens nicely.

At this stage, I'm a little over halfway through the first mitten and it fits perfectly around my hand. I'm pretty sure that the length will be just right, too. See the diamond shaped motif? Well, it's to be repeated for the top of the hand and when I took the picture, I wasn't quite up to the top of that motif.

I love it when it all comes together!


  1. Heh - I saw that pattern too and really liked it :) Yours is coming out so beautifully - I glad you found something that will fit you comfortably and be pleasing to your eye as well!

  2. wow, those are nice. I'm glad they are fitting as well

  3. I was eyeing that pattern, too! I am so glad it is working for you. It is in my 'roundtuit!