Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Joy of Little Things

When you're a knitter, there's a lovely feeling when you've completed a project. It really doesn't matter the size of the project; large or small, when it comes off the needles, there's a sense of accomplishment.

That's one of the reason I like knitting little things. Like this...

Ear Cozy

It only took a couple of hours to knit this up; I finished it at Sit & Stitch this afternoon. The pattern is from Fibertrends, Ear Cozies by Bev Galeskas. Don't ask me about the yarn; all I can tell you is that it's a superwash DK weight wool that was in my stash. The label is long gone, but I do know I made the Baby Albert jacket with the same yarn. It called for, and I used, 3.75 mm needles; I used the magic loop method as I couldn't find a 16" circular, as called for and, because I used the magic loop method, I didn't have to worry about switching to double-pointed needles for the top shaping.

A quick knit, and a satisfying one. And what can I say? The doll's happy with it; hopefully my new grandson (when he puts in an appearance) will, too.


  1. Doing a big Bloglines catchup this weekend - that dress is amazing! You are an awesome friend to put that much work into someone else's wedding dress.

    I'm surprised you didn't put your patterns for sale on Ravelry.

  2. Hey Lisa.... I thought about putting them up for sale, but I'm not set up for paypal or anything and right now, it just seems like too much work.

    As for the dress, I'm not doing it for nothing. Ever since I saw the pattern, I'd thought about doing it just for the fun of it, so when Stacey asked me to knit it for her, and she'd pay me, what could I say? :)

    Good to hear from you, btw!