Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beaded Swallowtail

By 2:00 Saturday afternoon, the shawl was dry and out of it's pins. It was worn last night and received rave reviews.

All in all, I think this one will become a favourite. The beads are definitely not too heavy, but give the shawl a nice drape. The yarn feels yummy, the colour is rich (much truer in this picture than yesterday's shot), and the pattern is a great one.

Speaking of the pattern, I did enlarge it. The original pattern calls for 14 repeats of the budding lace section (the body of the shawl), but that makes a scarf-sized shawl. I wanted a full-sized shawl, so I did some research on Ravelry. Others who had enlarged the shawl indicated that, in order to make the lily of the valley section work properly, you have to work repeats in increments of 5. In other words, you'd have to work 19, 24, 29, etc. repeats. I did 24; the lily of the valley section worked perfectly, but when I got to the next small section, I found I needed 4 more stitches on each half of the shawl, so I worked an extra transition row, which gave me 2 more stitches per half, as well as working 2 increases in each half. That gave me the right number of stitches to finish the remainder of the shawl.

Remember yesterday's picture of the Luna Moth shawl? Well, I've frogged it. It just wasn't looking right somehow. I'm not sure why. I'll probably cast on for it again at some point, but in the interim, I've picked up the Icarus shawl again and will get that one done. It's been very patiently waiting.

Now, on with the rest of the day...

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  1. I found you in a roundabout way from Ravelry. I was intrigued, so spent some time looking around your blogs and pattern site. Really LOVE your Evolution Pi shawl, so saved the pattern for later. A few days ago I came across the Kiri shawl and saved that pattern. I see it in your recommending list. I also made the Icelandic shawl this past spring as a gift for my sister. Loved it also! It was the first knitted lace I ever did and I want to do more. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I'll keep checking back for any more that you might add.
    I like that we have similar tastes...and I live in BC, too! I'm from the island, lived in Vancouver for 30 years and am now retired (well, my husband is.... I'm just unemployed) and living in Endako.