Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Butterfly Update and an Experiment

Yes, we have an update on the Butterfly dress! Finally!

The front AND back are now complete!

I didn't do any arranging of the pieces for photographic aesthetics; they've just been draped on the bed. The second piece just came off the needles about 15 minutes ago. I took the pictures primarily to let Stacey know her dress is almost done. I had another reason to email her.

See the matchbox? It's a small matchbox. See the ball of yarn above it? It's a small ball of yarn. That's all the yarn I have left to do the bands at the underarms and the neck edges and to make the straps. I did give Stacey a similarly sized ball of yarn to take along in her search for a slip/underdress to wear, so I hope she still has it. I have a feeling I will need it.

The biggest part of the task is completed. Now, it's just finishing. I'll be blocking the ruffles after I get off of here. They'll get a gentle blocking; basically, I'll just pin out the points and lay a damp towel over the ruffles and let them dry. I don't think I'll do anything with the body of the dress until it's been stitched together and Stacey's tried it on. I have a feeling it will only need a very light pressing.

I feel good!!

Oh.. the experiment? This time, I've posted the pictures directly from Blogger through Picasa. Are they visible now? If so, I'll use Picasa from here on in for blog pics. Let me know.


  1. Oh my God!!! wonderful! I am not sure if I have the little yarn sample, I will look all night. Yes the pictures are obviously visible. I am going to call right now.
    thank you so much Ev.

  2. As usual, Ev, you've made something beautiful :) I hope Stacey finds the little bit of yarn...

  3. Just amazing work Ev - I can't wait to see it put together :)

    Crossing fingers for your yarn needs!