Sunday, July 02, 2006


Yesterday was Canada Day. There were way too many boats on the lake. There were fireworks last night. Mediocre at best. The boats all went home, a veritable highway of little green lights on a black field, churning the water so much, I was afraid the dock might be loosened from it's mooring. I'll be happy when this weekend is over. Enough said.

I did do a little bit of knitting yesterday, but working with 100% wool when the thermometer is pushing 30C is not terribly comfortable so I put it away. Today's going to be hot again, so I probably won't be doing much knitting again.

I'll post pictures and details when I actually have energy again.


  1. Hi Ev - don't know if you have heard about Knit a River yet:

    Maybe some nice cool cotton ;)

  2. Or maybe this would do as well: