Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adventures in a Night Garden

The Night Garden Noni bag is done. All the leaves and flowers have been sewn on. I'm not doing any beadwork, as the pattern calls for. I like it; it's cute, it's different.

I'm not sure that I would actually use it; it will make a good gift for just the right person. It certainly was a fun project. I apologize for not taking a before picture, but this pretty much shows it. In all, there are three roses, 2 in the bright pink and one in a softer pink.

I could be tempted to knit up one or two of her other patterns, but not until I have a few more projects completed. I'm really trying not to start any new projects. Already, I've been asked whether or not I've started knitting anything with my kool-aid dyed yarn. No, I haven't. It's languishing in a bag at the moment, waiting patiently. It can wait for a while.

There are two projects I'm putting most of my time in to right now... Oceanna's Tropical Punch cardigan (haven't worked on it today) and my Icarus shaw, the one in the latest Interweave Knits.

This is an older picture. I'm into the fifth pattern repeat right now (Chart 1). I'm going to work one additional repeat because I like my shawls a little wider than 72". One more pattern repeat will complete the main body of the shawl; then I get to start some knitting that will be a little more interesting. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yes, I'm still working it on straight needles, rather than a circular. Right now, there are over 300 stitches and I've got room to spare on the needle. As long as that's the case, I'm staying with straights. I like them much better!

Now, the guys are playing crib and dinner's on the stove (I'm not cooking it). I think it's time for a glass of wine and a little more knitting before dinner.


  1. what a great bag! I love the color!

  2. Love the bag - I just ordered the pattern. What yarn are you using for your Icarus?

  3. The Noni bag turned out great.. Just beautiful..!!