Monday, February 07, 2011

What Happened to Spring?


Yesterday I posted a couple of pictures I had taken on Saturday. Well, the picture above is what the fence looked like a couple hours after I posted. We got snow! I’m not sure of the final numbers, but it looked like about 4-6”; it was a lot for one day, that’s for sure.

Today, it’s melting and it’s sloppy out there; it’s supposed to go below freezing again tonight, with the possibility of more snow. Apparently, spring may be coming but it isn’t here yet.

Because of the snow, John was called in to work for a few hours. That gave me time to work on, and finish, the Western Seas sweater. It is off the needles, ends are woven in and the few little seams there were (the overlapping neck band and borders on either side of the waist band) are sewn in. All it needs now is a wash and it will be put into a box, ready for mailing to one of the grandsons.


Now, on to the little cardis for the girls. I’ve been swatching; even though I had started it in stocking stitch, I wondered if it would curl up too much, even with a crocheted edging, so I frogged it and started over in garter stitch. I didn’t like it… at all. It felt too much like a knitted dishcloth and that’s not what I want to make. I think I’ll go back to stocking stitch.

Since I’m home early today, that’s what I’ll be doing for the remainder of the day. That, and listening to a book.

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