Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh My! I’m Amazed!

When I asked for app recommendations yesterday, I wasn’t expected to be blown away. Nicola recommended Be-earthed, which I did check out. As she wrote in her comment, it is now a paid app, not one I’ll download at this time. Bejeweled, on the other hand, might be one I’ll think about.

image(click the image to take you to it’s iTunes page)

The app that has amazed me is Kristie’s recommendation, Evernote. Even if you don’t download it (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t… it’s free), check it out. I have it on my iPod, my pc laptop (or the Mac) and the free web account; it syncs all of it. I can make notes on my laptop, sync it and access it anywhere! It has a browser addition called WebClipper, which gives you the ability to highlight anything on the web and save it as a note.

Incidentally, ignore the customer reviews; apparently, things have changed since those comments were posted. One of the tutorials I watched even commented that the user had been using the free version for some time and wasn’t even curious about what was different in the premium version as the free version was all she needed and more.

When I did a search for reviews of Evernote, I came across this one on AppAdvice. It gives a good overview of what the app can do, as well as it’s pros and cons (there aren’t many). The verdict? “If you’re not using Evernote already, go download it right now and at least try it out. You have nothing to lose.”

I’ve even showed it to John and he was impressed. Even he can see how useful it would be for his online research and note-taking. With the click of a button, he could take information from the numerous websites he haunts, clip it, add tags, and store all of his notes in any number of customizable “notebooks”. If HE is impressed (I’m the technophile around here), I think you will be, too.

And it’s free… did I mention that? Check it out here! Go! (Just don’t forget to come back, ok?)

I mentioned yesterday that I would tell you about my current time waster. Oh dear! Even though I want to be knitting, there are two games that have snared me. One is Angry Birds, a game that involves physics, something I’ve never been good at. It’s fun and frustrating at the same time.


The one that’s really trapped me, though, is Sneezies.


It’s just so cute! The premise is that you have to free the sneezies from the bubbles. You tap the screen and release sneezing powder. As they sneeze, they’re freed and  parachute down to safety. It’s simple, it’s pretty and it’s highly addictive. I played it for two hours straight last night! As I said, it’s a time-waster; not much knitting got done last night.

Now, it’s time to get some knitting done… no Sneezies, just the knitting and the book I’m listening to at the moment (Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva).

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  1. Gotta say I got sucked into Angry Birds too! I see why people love it. No penalty for many times of trying to figure it out and just enough (sometimes too much) frustration to keep you playing. But as to that commonly used comment about Angry Bird's: that it is "a game of Physics". I beg to differ! The first time you see a concrete block, a piece of wood or snowball hang at an impossibly awkward angle in mid air you toss aside the silly idea that normative physics is actually involved. It is mainly a game of aim and pattern. First you learn that the birds all do different things depending on size and if they split into three, drop an egg, blow up or boomerang. Then you realize that where you throw things and in what order you hit certain sections are the keys to success at and happiness with Angry Birds. I DO laugh a lot, in between yelling at an inexplicably oddly hanging and flouting-the-laws-of-physics bit of wood. And, I come back for more. :D