Monday, July 23, 2007

So, what exactly happened???

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Does that give you some idea?

This morning was going along just fine, thank you very much. I'd had my shower; I knew what I was going to wear for the day, and I was almost ready. Until I decided to dry my hair a little more before I went out the door.

My mom gave me that brush because she didn't want or need it. I decided to use it on the ends of my hair. Good idea, right? Wrong!

It got stuck in my hair. And I mean STUCK. I spent more than 20 minutes trying to extricate my hair from that brush and made no headway whatsoever. None. The only way to separate the brush from my hair was to cut it out of my hair. Which is what I did.

Then I called in to work and told them I was having a hair emergency and would be in when I could. I called my nearest hairdresser. They're closed today. Shortly before noon, I was home again. By that time, I'd had enough. There were a few other issues, but that one was enough to tell me that I shouldn't have gotten up this morning.

On the plus side, John and I had been looking at some pictures and had come across one of me with shorter hair. We both agreed it looked pretty good, really, and that perhaps I should have my hair cut shorter again. Just not yet.

Anyway, I've gone from....

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to this...

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Incidentally, by tomorrow, the cut will look completely different. The hairdresser straightened it so she could more easily blend the cut section into the rest. My hair is naturally curly and the curl will be more obvious once my hair's washed again.

And, I'm staying away from styling brushes!

P.S., Leslie, Blogger and I are having some issues regarding my profile. If you click on "View my complete profile", you'll find that it's up to date. For some reason, the short version of the profile doesn't change at all, even though I've tried changing it, and even deleting it, every time another grandchild's born. Who knows why? I've given up.


  1. Hi, what a morning. I have done this, but I was able to get my hair out. I like the new length.

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  3. Mom that really sucks! I hate mornings that just don't work out the way you want!

    But your hair cut looks really cute, it's very stylish!

    I love you, and I hope the rest of your day (and week) go much better!!!!

  4. Oh Ev - what a lousy way to start your day!

    The new length looks good though!

  5. What a sucky way to start a day.

  6. I think it was karma. I love your shorter hair!

  7. Ouch!
    I love the new cut though.

  8. Sharon in Surrey12:51 PM, July 25, 2007

    Yup, I prefer the "new" you!! and I think you could go even shorter!! But what a way to get it! Gahhhhh!!!!

    May you have a wonderful, fibery day to make up for this!

  9. Ok, I admit it, I did have a laugh at your expense, but I think the shorter cut looks good on you. Have a great day! -Gloria