Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An almost-finished object

I didn't start anything new. Let's get that out of the way right up front. I wanted to. I didn't. That's a good thing, right?

Yesterday, I managed to get all the pieces of the Citrus Punch cardigan knitted. Now, all I need to do is sew it all together, weave in the multitude of ends (I know, I should have knitted them in as I went along, but you know what they say about hindsight), and work the button and neck bands. And find buttons. This little sweater needs just the right buttons. I guess that means a trip to the fabric store this week and if I don't find anything there, I might just head over to Michael's and look at some of the craft buttons.

Oh, you'd like to see how it's looking? I did promise to take a picture when the body of the cardi was done and I didn't (it's been a crazy weekend), so here she is.... Oceanna's Citrus Punch cardigan...

...and a close-up of the ruffle and sleeve edging.

The button and neck bands will be the same edging as the sleeves. Two rows each of orange, green, yellow, green and orange. I thought about doing a ruffle at the neck edge, but that might be a little much, especially with this type of ruffle. It would have to be a collared cardigan in that case and I'm not really big on collared (ruffled) cardigans for babies.

Today, I'll be attempting to sew the sweater together and getting at least the button band (as opposed to the buttonhole band) and the neckband finished. I say 'attempting' because it's a glorious, sunny, warm day today and I may not feel like doing much knitting. Add to that the fact that I seem to be developing a cold (which I'm trying to stop in its tracks) and feel like crap, plus the fact that I'm trying to put something together which will earn me a little income on the side (if it all works out...more on that later), I'm not sure how much knitting I'll manage to do today.

On a different note, Lakewatch 2006 is finished, I think. The lake seems to have reached it's high point. If it does go any higher, I'll make sure to post pictures. I do know that the snow in the hills has not all melted yet and we've been getting rain, so it could go a bit higher yet, but right now it's staying steady.

On with my day...

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