Saturday, July 14, 2012

I’m not complaining but…

It really has been hot around here lately. Dare I say it’s almost too hot to knit? It’s been into the 30’sC (90’s ish) for most of the week. We’re having a little bit of a reprieve today, but it’s still muggy, heavy. It has been a long time coming though, so I guess I really shouldn’t complain too much, should I?

There has been knitting to write about this week. It will look as if I’m being prolific, but that really isn’t the case. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

This is the 10 stitch blanket, designed by Frankie Brown and available for free at Ravelry. I started it a while back and have been working on it off and on. It’s come out more often lately because it’s an almost mindless project and, with the heat, that’s exactly what I need. The yarn I’m using is Marks & Katten’s Fame Trend and it’s worked on 3.0 mm needles. I’m using only this brand of yarn; I like the feel of it and the look of it. John’s already commented on it a few times; he loves the colours and is eagerly waiting for the completion of this blanket.

Another mindless project was cast on this week. This one is the Bias Before & After Scarf, a pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. It’s a very simple scarf, knitted with lace weight yarn on 4.5 mm needles. What makes this scarf interesting is the cast off; it’s cast off with beads! The beads will give the scarf a bit of weight and drape. I have a feeling this will be the perfect early fall scarf and I must admit, I really like the red. It will be a great pop of colour to liven up any outfit!

I’ll have to keep my eyes open for just the right beads to accent the scarf. I’m leaning towards clear red beads, for just that right little bit of sparkle.

I’ve also been working on another little hat for a friend. P is the friend who can no longer knit. Another friend of hers recently became grandmother to twin girls and another of her daughters will soon be having a baby girl. I’ve already made hats for the twins and P requested a hat for the third baby as well. This was also a pattern I found on Ravelry. Off hand I can’t remember the name of the pattern, but it’s a fairly simple lace knit. I’m up the the top shaping now and it will be finished once the weather cools down a bit. The yarn is 100% acrylic and I find I can’t work with it when my hands are hot. The yarn tends to stick to the needles. Ah well, the baby’s not born yet so I have time.

The final project still on the needles are these work socks for John. I started them about a month or so ago. He loves his hand knit socks and I love making them for him. They’re intended to be work socks but he’s already said they’re too nice for work and he’ll wear them as dressier winter socks first. They’ll likely become work socks by next spring. That’s fine by me.

See what I mean? It looks like I’ve been prolific, but in reality, I’ve just been puttering away, picking up one project and working on it for a while, then putting it aside for something else. Eventually, they’ll all get done. There is a finished object I’ve not yet written about but it will be for another post.

Then there’s the garden. It’s doing really well! As you saw in last week’s post, we’ve been eating from the garden quite a bit already. It continues to provide us with wonderful fresh produce and we’ve been eating from it daily. Whether it be peas (which are producing at an astounding rate!), carrots, onions, potatoes, chard, radishes or lettuce, everything has been delicious.

And… oh, this makes me so pleased!… there’s garlic! Check it out!

Is that not a thing of beauty? I picked it last weekend and will be harvesting the rest of the garlic later today. I’m thrilled! And I’m looking forward to cooking with our very own garlic. Incidentally, that’s the lettuce by the back door. It’s showing no signs of quitting. I’ve just been cutting it to eat and it keeps coming back. Absolute awesomeness!


  1. I especially like that blanket. But 3mm needles? Hmmm. I must say, I haven't been inspired to work on my blanket the last few days - a bit big and warm. I knitted a tiny bit on the lace scarf at the beach yesterday, but as I was there with a non-knitter I didn't want to spend too long on it.

  2. All your knitting projects look beautiful. Love that blanket! We, too, are going through a horrible heatwave here in northern MN. So, a little spinning and knitting in the morning. At least it's something, right? It'll all get finished eventually. Wishing you cooler temps and beautiful days.

  3. I must agree with Linda, all of your projects are really lovely. I especially like John's new socks. I'm sure he will too. And that scarf looks as though it too will be something amazing when it's finished.

    I can't being to imagine the time that has gone into that blanket. It looks huge. The weight of it would have my wrists in agony, but I congratulate you for doing it. It's gorgeous! :)