Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving Day

It’s moving day around here. No, we’re not the ones moving this time (thankfully!). We live in a fourplex and two of the suites were recently vacated. Today, a young couple is moving in to the suite beside us; they have a six-month old daughter and are expecting another child. They also each have a son from previous relationships, meaning that, at times, there could be up to four little ones next door.

Over the next month or so, another couple is moving in upstairs on the other side. He is an uncle to Rob (who’s moving in today); apparently the house they were living in was sold and they were told they had two months to move out. According to Mark, he’d already put in his garden. Today, he’s been busy getting a part of the garden here ready for transplanting some of his plants from where they’re living right now. They have my sympathies.

The house will definitely have a different vibe before too long. John, J and Mark are all gardeners (hobby gardeners, not by profession) so I have a feeling the yard will really be improved this year. Nice!

Speaking of gardening, my little herb garden is thriving; I’ve already been picking and drying thyme and parsley. The oregano is finally starting to grow (looking really good, though) and the green onions are coming in nicely. Today, I planted three little Italian parsley plants and I’m hoping they’ll do well.

The basil I planted in the flower bed a couple weekends ago is looking good, too. The tomatoes are finally starting to grow; it was almost like they didn’t want to grow because it’s been so unseasonably cold. And out in the big garden, the beans and corn are growing well. If the weather would just warm up a little, we might even be able to eat from the garden before too long.

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