Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holey Slippers, Batman!

We have holes! Does this mean I have to make more slippers? Not that that is a bad thing. They work up quickly and they’re fun to knit. I’m just surprised that we’ve gone through the soles (well, the left soles) so quickly. It hasn’t even been a year!

Maybe this time, I’ll knit something different for myself. Hmm… off to see what’s available “out there”!


  1. Those look similar to what happened to my slippers. I've repaired them several times by either stitching up the holes with matching yarn or by needle felting a repair. You can effectively double their lifespan that way. Then when they got holey again I crocheted some new soles and just stitched them over the originals. I'd like to get at least a couple of years' wear out of my slippers! I wear them all the time so I probably should have leather soles on them but I haven't found any that I like.

  2. Have you thought about sewing on some of those leather soles? It would extend the life of the felted clogs indefinitely, plus they look quite nice.

  3. Obviously they have seen a lot of wear, so they must have been really comfy. :)

    Like the hat in the last post too.

  4. We have slippers like that also. Aren't they the best? Do yours have the leather bottoms? They really help prolong the wear and are worth the time it takes to sew them on! LOL
    Nothing like warm toes on a frosty morning!