Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Feels Good!

I made a conscious decision this week to pick up and knit on the Shetland Christening Dress again. I'm so glad I did, because I'm really enjoying it again. I've been working on both skirts, the edging of the second skirt when I want a bit of challenging knitting and the garter stitch body of the first skirt when I want nothing but simple knitting.

And the best part? Progress is definitely being made! The second edging is now past the halfway point; it will have 23 scallops and right now, there are 12. Actually there are almost 13 now, since I've worked on it a bit after taking the picture.

Unfortunately, working on the christening dress means the mittens won't be done this week. It's a good thing there are no time constraints on anything I'm working on.


  1. I love the dress, and the mittens. The lightbox looks great! I took your advice on your podcast and combined the 2 roll recipes today. Heavenly is right! I hate to bake, and was so happy to find a simple recipe that tastes so good. Thank you so much! Next week I am trying the pizza.

  2. Really awesome!
    I've swatched that edging; thát's NO piece o'cake!
    It comes out really pretty.