Friday, April 10, 2009

So Close, and Yet So Far

The Aeolian Shawl could have been finished, should have been finished, would have been finished but for one thing... I ran out of beads. I'm on the second to last pattern row, about halfway through the second half and I have no more beads. 

That means a trip to Michael's to see if I can find something similar. I'm pretty confident I'll find something there, but if not, Kristen, you'll be getting a phone call. :)

In the meantime, because I can't be doing nothing, I started another one. Aeolian, that is. This one will be a smaller one, a shawlette. I have two skeins of this yarn, 400 metres/50 gram skein; it's from the Diamond Luxury Collection, Baby Alpaca laceweight, in a lovely periwinkle. This stuff is lovely! It's soft, it's cushy, it's just... mmmmmm! And, on my monitor, the colour in the picture is very close to the actual colour of the yarn.

This shawlette will have beads, instead of nupps, but not nearly as many as the shawl. I have the beads, more than enough of them, at the ready. They're kind of a purply bead with a blue lining, very interesting, and will go quite nicely with the yarn; no contrasting beads this time. Right now, I have one more repeat of the yucca pattern to go before I start the transition chart into the agave pattern. Because I'm not doing as much beading on this one, I have a feeling it will go very quickly and will be very pretty.

About the podcast... thank you to all of you who've given me feedback. It is so appreciated and has been very much taken to heart. I'm planning the next podcast for next weekend, so be on the lookout for it (probably sometime on Saturday afternoon/evening). I had some opportunity to work on it this week and I'm hoping you will enjoy listening to it as much as I've enjoyed working on it so far.

As a teaser, I'll be announcing a contest, there will be a Trinity story, and a book review among other things. I hope you'll tune in.

For now though, I wish you all a Happy Easter.


  1. I'm so sorry you ran out of beads, but your shawl is breathtakingly lovely. Good luck in finding more. Hopefully it won't be too difficult. :)

  2. You really love your lace! Tough about the beads, hopefully you'll find something.

  3. You do love you lace, and you are so good at it. Just beautiful!