Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Exercise in Frustration!

I've had a couple of readers tell me that in recent months, they've not been able to see pictures on my blog anymore. The test earlier this week showed that the Photobucket pictures are visible, but not the Flickr pictures (to these specific readers). I had every intention of going back to the frustration of Photobucket. Had.

When I went there to upload a picture about half an hour ago, I was unable to bring up the upload window. I have a feeling that Photobucket is now beyond the capabilities of my humble, and aging, computer. I apologize, but I'm not going to fight with Photobucket. After half an hour of struggling to get a single picture uploaded, I'm going back to Flickr. It works for me; uploading's simple and it works with my nearly 10 years old system (Windows 98). At this stage in it's life, there's little or no support for this system. Again, I apologize to those of you who can't see the pictures. However, if you're on Ravelry, you will see most of the pictures there. You can find me there as MissChief. ;)

On to knitting. I wanted to spend some time with the Butterfly dress today, and did. I have now finished the front (or back, as the case may be). The second half of the dress (about 1/3 done) is back on the needles and I can now concentrate on it. I'm sure that you, and Stacey, would love to see a picture, so without further ado...


By the time the underarm shaping begins, there are only 45 stitches on the needle. I thought for sure that it would be far too narrow; however, the pattern being lace, it stretches nicely and should fit well. Once the second side is finished, it becomes a matter of sewing the pieces together, picking up for the top bands and making the shoulder straps. Then, a final blocking and the dress will be transferred to it's owner's waiting hands.

This week, I finally received a notice from Canada Post that there was a package waiting for me at the local post office (across the street). My Knitpicks order finally arrived! I've been eagerly awaiting the order. I am so looking forward to knitting with my new KP Harmony needles set! Along with the needles, I also picked up three skeins of KP Gloss Lace (70% merino, 30% silk) in Celery (a lovely light green) that will become Elann's Luna Moth shawl. I googled luna moth and found out that it is a lovely shade of light green and decided that it was the colour I would knit the shawl named for the moth.

Now, back to knitting...


  1. Fabulous, Ev. Just fabulous!

    (BTW, Picasa may be a picture option. I upload my pictures into blogger and they store them in Picasa for me. I do not have Windows 98 thouhg.)

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your Luna Shawl. One of my Girl Scouts thinks that I should make it for myself, because, one year, my name Luna Lynn for our Back Nature Girl Scout Day Camp. I have it in the queue, but have not purchased yarn yet.


  3. Have the same probs with photobucket. Just as you I recently thought I would use it again but it is even slower/doesn’t work at all. Will have to find a solution for ravelry.
    The dress you are knitting is going to be gorgeous. I am so looking forward to see pics of on that special day!

  4. Oh My Goodness Ev!!! It looks beautiful, getting closer!! God you are good, thank you.

  5. Wow!! That dress is going to be just breathtaking! Lucky the lady that will be wearing it.

    Looking forward to seeing your Luna Shawl. Green is my color, so anything great gets my attention.

    I think it's wonderful Trinity is still able to wear her favorite sweater, and obviously she agrees. It's adorable, as she is.