Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something New

I've decided to add something to the blog. It's not just for you, but as much for John and myself as for anyone. We've been watching the lake begin to rise, using the neighbour's dock (ladder) as a gauge. John suggested that I make a note of when the water touches the bottom step of the ladder; I'm taking it a step further (sorry about the pun).

I'm adding a video tracking of the lake's water level. Once a week or so, I'll post a picture or two, taken from the same angle, so you (and we) can see the water level rising. Here are the first pictures.

This is our dock. Last summer, I'd sit on the dock and, as boats would speed past, the waves created by the wake would come up between the planks on the dock and wet the entire dock. Now, there's almost two feet of space between the bottom of the deck and the surface of the water.

I think this picture will probably be the better gauge of the water level. It's of the retaining wall on our property. A week ago, the far rock was completely dry.

As for knitting content, does there have to be knitting content every time?

Oh, Leslie, I haven't forgotten your request for a recent picture of John and myself. I'm still working on it. He's become rather cagey when the camera's around. ;)


  1. Thanks for remembering, Ev. I look forward to seeing how you can sneak a photo. The vest looks lovely and I'm with you on looking poorly in white.

    Our pond was let down a couple of feet but is building up again. We took the opportunity to muck out the wading area but I don't think it'll do a lot of good with all the Canada geese around leaving nutrients for the milfoil.

  2. Hi from Austria! A great idea to use the blog to chronicle the water level! I so love that pic of your dock, just looking at it sent me dreaming of sitting there right now, hanging my toes into the sea, enjoying the sun... and knitting of course! Thanks for giving me something to daydream about!